About 10,000 people preventively evacuated near CAVIM

Caracas, 30 Ene. AVN .- Governor of Aragua state Rafael Isea informed that explosions have considerably reduced after a fire early morning this Sunday in the arsenal of the Venezuelan state-run weapons factory CAVIM; sporadic explosions still take place.

Appearing on national television, governor Isea also confirmed that unfortunately one person died. It is assumed that this person exposed to an area near the fire.

“Unfortunately, a lady presumably exposed herself to the explosions and was hit by one of these. She was in the Central Hospital, she entered about an hour ago, but she died while she was in surgery,” Isea said.

More than 10,000 people are being evacuated or have already been moved to other places enabled by local authorities while the situation is overcome.

“All of it is a preventive measure because the munitions which were exploiting are long-range munitions and of course we are avoiding any possible situation,” added Aragua Governor.

Isea reaffirmed his call to inhabitants of surrounding communities to evacuate preventively these areas.

Similarly, he requested drivers to avoid driving through roads near the fire to allow the circulation of vehicles used for security and to transport the sick or injured.

30/01/2011 - 10:57 am