Bolivarian Government intensifies battle against economic war


Caracas, 10 Jun. AVN.- Organizing open air food markets and supervising public and private distribution networks to guarantee stocks, the National Government intensifies its battle against an economic war staged by local right-wing sector in an attempt to destabilize the country through shortage, speculation and hoarding.

Ministers of Agriculture and Lands and Commerce, Yvan Gil and Alejandro Fleming, respectively, said the statement during an inspection to an open air market of staple goods and personal hygiene products at fair prices, arranged in downtown Caracas by the National Executive.

Over 50 tons of staple goods were sold in the market, where the Executive provided foodstuffs as corn flour, oil, butter, meat, chicken, fish, rice, and others as vegetables. Manufacturers sold their own products just at 10 bolivares per kilogram, while private stores sell them at even 60 bolivares.

"This proves the Government's strength to meet people's needs, as well as people's awareness. We have seen how citizens came to buy their products calmed and relaxed, just 20 minutes, without restrictions, without political cards nor a quantity to acquire," Agriculture minister Yvan Gil said.

Gil said the State will continue "facing this war declared by a rightist sector, boycotting staple goods' distribution, production, availability."

Also, he said the Executive has drafted a plan -headed by president Nicolas Maduro- to attack each of those places. It involves supervising formal food chains and organizing at least 200 open air markets per week nationwide.

"We have been ordered by president Maduro to multiply those points, at a frontal war against speculation and hoarding," Gil reaffirmed.

Stocks guaranteed

Commerce minister Alejandro Fleming said operations have doubled to face hoarders and speculators and give people more access to staple goods, not only food but personal hygiene and home cleaning products.

"We have supervised public and private supermarkets chains, looking at the level of stocks. Supplies are gradually increasing," he said.

Simultaneously, authorities carry out inspections to check the respect to regulated prices and face factors as intermediates, speculators and hoarders.

The Commerce minister ensured that there is enough stock, particularly personal hygiene and home cleaning products. As a matter of fact, he said a large amount of toilet paper has been imported by the State.

In addition, he called on people not to carry out panic buying fostered by some private media outlets.

"There are stocks. People may have the guarantee of the Revolution leaded by Nicolas Maduro, that access to all goods is guaranteed and he will always work to enhance policies which create food reserves. And now, we will manage to have the needed stocks in matters of personal hygiene and home cleaning products," Fleming said.

10/06/2013 - 04:13 pm