CADIVI has authorized more than $3 billion for animal production industry

Caracas, 17 Dic. AVN.- Since last January until 14 December, the Venezuelan Foreign Currency Administration Commission (CADIVI) has authorized $3.7 billion for businesses from the animal production industry, according to a CADIVI press release published after a meeting with several representatives from this important economic sector and employees from public body with the aim of optimizing and evaluating the applications for specific and personalized cases of the attending companies.

The president of the Venezuelan Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (AFACA), Henrique Pocaterra, said he was pleased with the work done by CADIVI throughout 2012, while Venezuela's Pork Producers Federation (Feporcina) consultant, Mariela Urquia, expressed satisfaction with the institution by the constant productive meetings.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the ministries of Food, Agriculture and Lands, Health and Commerce, as well as employees from the National Integrated Customs and Tax Administration Services (Seniat).

They were also joined by participants from association such as Formulators and Distributors of Agricultural Inputs (Afodisa), Venezuelan turkey producers (Propavo), Chemical and Agricultural Manufacturers (Afaquima), Venezuelan Seed Companies (Avesen) and Venezuelan Animal Health Industry (Avisa), in addition to organizations like Small and Medium-sized Meet Industries (Pymicarne) and Small and Medium-sized Poultry Integrations (Pymiavicola).

17/12/2012 - 05:15 pm