Expo Venezuela Power to show progress of Bolivarian Economic Agenda


Caracas, 17 Mar. AVN.- The Expo Venezuela Power 2017 will show the progress of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, driven by the national government as a mechanism to build a new economic scheme that will overcome oil rentier model and meet the real needs of the Venezuelan people, said the Minister of Economy and Finance, Ramon Lobo.

"It is the possibility to show to the Venezuelan people and the whole world our capacity of production, talent and innovation existing in our country, under the different forms of production conceived in the 15 productive engines," Lobo said in an interview with the Venezuelan News Agency (AVN).

In this showcase, to be held from March 23 to 26 at Poliedro de Caracas, 400 public, private, mixed and export companies of national renown will participate, exhibiting the potential of the nation in the agrifood, pharmaceutics, industry, export, social and communal economy, oil, petrochemicals, mining, tourism, construction, forestry, telecommunications and banking areas.

"This great event will demonstrate it is possible to build a productive country. It will be the positive response to all those sectors that unfortunately still bet on the failure of the economy, but thanks to the national actors who will be present at this meeting, the economy has recovered gradually," said the minister.

The Expo Venezuela Power 2017 will be attended by some agri-food industries such as Sindoni, Cerveceria Tovar, 4F ice cream, Heinz Foods, Eveba, Cafe Venezuela, Inveca Corporation and Diana Industries.

It will also feature some petrochemical companies such as Tapa Amarilla, Inplaven, Quimex, Eco Limpio, Total Plastic, Bituplast, Sureca, Ferrealca and Prolubca.

The export sector includes SC Johnson, Canteras and Marmoles, Telares de Maracay Group, Convencaucho, Venicon, Concrecasa e Industrias and Inversiones Condor.

The areas of telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and construction will be represented by the cell phone company Vtelca, Venezuelan technology industry VIT, Caramiplus, Agriquimvet, Elmor Laboratories, Vargas Laboratories to exhibit their potential.

This fair will also feature the presence of State's oil company PDVSA, Banco de Venezuela, Banco Bicentenario, Banco del Tesoro, Banco Agricola and Banco Nacional de Crédito, among others, speaking for the banking, finance and hydrocarbons sectors.

Lobo said there will be discussions, presentations and spaces will be available for the meeting between different productive sectors, with the objective of establishing commercial alliances to complement the country's productive strengths.

In addition, services will be offered to entrepreneurs, such as the mandatory registration of national manufacturers and importers through the National Autonomous Service of Standardization, Quality, Metrology and Technical Regulations (Sencamer), National Registry of Contractors, procedures for production, among other services.

This expo fair will have more than 300 stands, deployed in the 11,000 square meters of the Poliedro de Caracas, where agents, traders, public and private entrepreneurs will exchange experiences and strengthen commercial relations.

For more information about the event, interested parties can write to [email protected] or visit social networks, both on Instagram and Twitter, @ExpoVzla2017.

17/03/2017 - 05:06 pm