FANB have developed in Revolution its potential for the defense of the Homeland

Caracas, 18 May. AVN .- The vice-president of Venezuela Elias Jaua underscored this Wednesday that it has been within the Revolutionary process that the country has been experiencing for the last 12 years that the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB in Spanish) has fully developed its potential for the defense of the Homeland.

The promotion ceremony of 327 young officers member of the First Promotion of Troop Officers “Lieutenant Pedro Camejo” held in the military fort Fuerte Tiuna, in Caracas, Jaua pointed out that the FANB have proven their essence, joining the people in the most difficult situations, such as the coup d"Etat of April 2002.

“We have seen the Bolivarian National Armed Forces deployed in diverse tasks jointly with our people, developing welfare for our people. We have seen them shining and winning glory throughout these 12 years,” he pointed out.

Jaua detailed that during the Revolution the FANB has gained an anti-imperialist and patriotic characteristic to defend Venezuela"s sovereignty in the face of any threat. “We feel deeply proud of our anti-imperialist and patriotic Bolivarian National Armed Forces.”

18/05/2011 - 02:26 pm