FEGAVEN expects rise in milk production this year of 132,000 gallons per day

Caracas, 06 Ene. AVN.- With the addition of 20,000 new heifers to the domestic herd in 2012, the number of cows for the production of milk will rise to 50,000 and other 132,000 gallons of this product will be produced daily, informed this Friday the president of the Bolivarian Federation of Ranchers and Farmers of Venezuela (FEGAVEN), Balsamino Belandria.

He said that other 132,000 gallons of milk are still needed in the country to improve domestic production, reinforce the production program and work with producers on genetics and food "so animals brought and living in the country can increase production with a higher quality."

Belandria highlighted that 1.59 million gallons of milk per day are being currently produced in the country. Nonetheless, "the Venezuelan Chamber of Dairy Industry (CAVILAC) keeps saying that the figure is 792,000 gallons per day. They do not count small cheese artisans, new small state factories or new storage facilities."

By the end of 2011, FEGAVEN added 20,000 new heifers. The half of it produced 53,000 gallons more per day.

Belandria recalled that FEGAVEN handed over in 2010 about 10,500 heifers to producers, 4,500 buffaloes and 6,000 Girolando cattle coming from Brazil. Also, it was launched the F1 production program, resulting in about 4,000 cows for breeding and other 1,000 were added to the production of milk.

"That is to say, we added 12,500 new cows for the production of milk."

Likewise, the president of FEGAVEN commented that the consumption of milk in the country has increased from 15.85 gallons to 23.77 gallons, an increase of 45%.

Public companies produce 58% of domestic meat consumption

The president of FEGAVEN highlighted that State is currently producing 58% of the meat consumed and importing 38%. "National production has satisfied domestic demand, but it is still not enough."

He detailed that few years ago Venezuelans consumed between 37.5 lbs and 42.87 lbs a person per year. Currently, the average is 64.3 lbs; that is to say, about 50% of increase.

"Since 2005, consumption has been increasing due to the economic measures adopted by the Government. Venezuelan began to consume more meat and for such reason domestic production is not enough and the Government needs to import," he explained.

Belandria expects that consumption will continue rising in 2012 by 2 or 4 lbs per person and production will depend on weather factors.

"With credits granted in 2011 and the increase on financing, we will experiment an increase in the production of meat in the next 2 or 3 years. We could even see some results and register a sustained rise in the production of milk and meat between five or seven percent," he added.

Mission AgroVenezuela doubled financing

Belandria recalled that FEGAVEN signed in April 2010 the agreement for the agricultural program Mission AgroVenezuela with representatives of the Banking Association aimed at financing agricultural producers. Such agreement doubled the financing from private and public banking to the sector.

06/01/2012 - 03:12 pm