Gallup: Venezuela is the world's second happiest country

Caracas, 20 Dic. AVN.- Results of a new poll carried out by the US firm Gallup released that Venezuela is the second country in the world most likely to report experiencing positive emotions.

A representative sample of 1,000 people through face-to-face interviews, who expressed positive answers to the following questions: Did you feel well-rested yesterday? Were you treated with respect all day yesterday? Did you smile or laugh a lot yesterday? Did you experience the following feelings during a lot of the day yesterday? How about enjoyment?

Gallup found that 84 per cent of those polled expressed to be happy and pleased with their life.

Panama and Paraguay lead the percentages with 85 per cent, while El Salvador and Venezuela drew the second place with 84 per cent, followed by Trinidad and Tobago (83 per cent), Thailand (83 per cent), Guatemala (82 per cent), Philippines (82 per cent), Ecuador (81 per cent) and Costa Rica (81 per cent).

Results allowed to determine that Latin Americans are the most positive people in the world, given that their countries hold the top 10 countries for positive emotions worldwide.

Meanwhile, the poll showed that 85 per cent of adults worldwide feel treated with respect all day, 72% smiled and laughed a lot, 73% felt enjoyment a lot of the day, and 72% felt well-rested.

20/12/2012 - 04:23 pm