Maduro: Venezuela will continue its journey towards true independence


Caracas, 27 Abr. AVN.- Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday that Venezuela will continue its journey towards true independence, after Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez announced the nation will begin its process to leave the Organization of American States (OAS).

"As head of state in exercise of the powers conferred by the Constitution, I have ordered the immediate withdrawal of the OAS. The Bolivarian Revolutionary and Chavista Venezuela will continue its journey towards our true independence and nothing and nobody will stop us," he said via his Twitter account.

The President said this act of dignity is to enforce Venezuela's self-determination and break with international interventionism.

"April 26, 2017, a day of dignity and independence, I have taken a giant step to break with imperial interventionism. Enough of interventionist abuses and violation of legality, Venezuela is the cradle of liberators and we will make them respect it," he said.

He further called for civil-military unity among Venezuelans for the sake of better understanding, and overcoming the plan of interventionism and preserving the country's peace.

"I ask for the understanding and solidarity of the peoples of our America and the world to defeat the interventionist plan against Venezuela. I ask for the civil-military unity of the people in this battle for independence and peace of our homeland #PorDignidadNosVamosDeLaOEA (ForDignityWeLeaveOAS)," he said.

On Wednesday, the OAS Permanent Council held a special meeting in which the United States imposed its interventionist agenda against Venezuela in order to destabilize the South American nation and thereby disrupt the constitutional government led by president Nicolas Maduro.

27/04/2017 - 11:12 am