Maduro: We have the strength to fight fascism


Caracas, 08 Jun. AVN.- People's Power and Chavista ideology were defined by Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro as people's strength to face and defeat fascism.

"Fascism is fought with a clear revolutionary ideology, which we have. We have bolivarianism and the 21 century socialism, which are summarized in Chavismo," said president Nicolas Maduro.

The Venezuelan President stressed that another strength of the country fighting fascism is expressed in "a powerful State, which abides by Law and Constitution."

There must not exist weakness before fascism, its campaigns and lies, warned Maduro, urging to bear in mind what we are facing.

He said opponents seek to spread hatred and "inject scenarios which some experts in strategic analysis call 'dog wars,' a miserable name used to define actions aimed at dividing and breaking peace in countries, which are then intervened by the imperial foot."

Such war of rumors and strategies, Maduro said, are part of the fascist behavior of local rightists, anchored in their class interests.

President Maduro said Venezuelans already have elements to fight that: "It is fought with ideology as project, ideas; it is fought with spirit, new spirit based in love, homeland, future, a Christian love for the humble, for those who claim justice."

"Fascists, do not be wrong about me, about people. Here are people willing to defeat you," stressed president Nicolas Maduro.

08/06/2013 - 06:25 pm