Nicolas Maduro leads contender by 18 points


Caracas, 03 Abr. AVN.- According to the latest survey conducted by the Venezuelan Institute of Data Analysis (IVAD), conducted on March 24-31, socialist candidate Nicolas Maduro leads by 18 percentage points in matters of voter intent the right wing candidate Henrique Capriles.

Fieldwork for the survey, released Tuesday by national coordinator of political and electoral strategy of the socialist election campaign, Francisco Ameliach, was conducted among 1,200 people in the 23 states of the country and the Capital District.

IVAD found that Nicolas Maduro count on 53.3 percent of voter intention while Capriles has 34.7 percent; it is to say, a gap of 18.6 points.

Also, 84.6 percent of those polled estimated very positive, positive or quite positive the overal balance of the Hugo Chavez administration.

"That is a great strength in the starting (of campaign). Besides the high moral and spiritual content left us b y commander Chavez, he leaves us a great acceptance of his administration. We start there and it is crucial," said the member of campaign group Hugo Chavez.

The IVAD survey also found that 60.1 per cent of those polled agree with the appointment of Nicolas Maduro as acting president of Venezuela, while 35.8 per cent disagree.

Asked about the administration of the current interim government, 57.2 per cent said it is positive and 34.2 per cent said it is negative; it represents a gap of 23 points favoring Maduro.

Encouraged to participate

The IVAD poll also showed that 79.6 per cent of those polled will definitively go to vote in the April 14 presidential elections; 11.4 per cent said they would possibly vote; 5.3 percent said they will definitively not go to vote and only 0.8 per cent did not answer or did not know.

Regarding voter intent of those who said they will definitively go to vote next April 14, 59.1 percent said they will vote Maduro and 34.7 percent Capriles.

After releasing such results, Francisco Ameliach emphasized that all prestigious pollsters in the country say the socialist candidate will win and that just 12 days before the election, these results are irreversible.

Nevertheless, he called on militants no to give way to triumphalism and solidify these voter intentions, so as to consolidate a victory of the Bolivarian and Chavista revolution.

03/04/2013 - 09:32 am