Nicolas Maduro supported at OAS


Caracas, 17 Abr. AVN.- Foreign ministers of different Latin American and Caribbean countries supported the presidential election held in Venezuela last Sunday, when Nicolas Maduro resulted winner.

In a session held at the Organization of American States (OAS), the Uruguayan representative read a statement on behalf of members of the Common Market of the South (Mercosur), congratulating the Venezuelan people for the broad participation on the presidential elections last April 14.

Similarly, they stressed their commitment with defending principles of democracy and transparency reflected in that election. They also congratulated Nicolas Maduro and reaffirmed their support and commitment to continue building integration in the regional bloc.

In turn, the Argentinean representative read a statement to congratulate Venezuela for the process held democratically on April 14.

"Once again, the Venezuelan people reaffirmed the electoral path as the peaceful way to carry out transformations started by Bolivarian leader Hugo Chavez Frias."

Together with electoral accompaniers of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), the spokesperson said, Argentina reaffirms that the voting process was correct, as it has been in 18 elections held in Venezuela since president Hugo Chavez took office.

"The Republic of Argentina homages the view of president Hugo Chavez of building a united and solidarity-based America, a great homeland aimed at the economic, social and political development of their people," he said.

Argentina will accompany the policies and works carried out by president Nicolas Maduro, the representative said.

To such congratulations were accompanied by those of the governments of Nicaragua and Colombia.

OAS foreign ministers also expressed their condolences to the United States for the victims of the bombing at Boston marathon explosion.

17/04/2013 - 12:10 pm