President Chavez faces new respiratory infection


Caracas, 05 Mar. AVN.- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez faces "a new and severe infection" and his "general state continues being very delicate," informed Monday the National Government by means of a communique.

"There is a worsening in the respiratory function," reports the text read in nationwide radio and television hookup by Communication and Information minister, Ernesto Villegas.

The statement details that the Venezuelan President undergoes "chemotherapy of strong impact, among other complementary treatments."


The Bolivarian Government of the Republic of Venezuela informs the people of Venezuela and other sister nations about the evolution of the health of President Hugo Chavez.

The Commander President reaches today two weeks of having returned to the Venezuelan homeland by his own decision, after the surgical intervention carried out in Havana, Cuba, last December 11.

Today there is a worsening in the respiratory function related to the immunosuppressive state typical of his clinical situation. He currently presents a new and severe infection.

The president has been undergoing chemotherapy of strong impact, among other complementary treatments resulting from the evolution of his clinical symptoms. His general state continues being very delicate.

The Commander President keeps hold to Christ and to life, aware of the difficulties that he is undergoing and strictly obeying with the program scheduled by his group of doctors.

The Bolivarian Government continues accompanying the children and other relatives of the Commander president in this battle full of love and spirituality, and calls to all our people to keep fighting, unharmed before the psychological war deployed by foreign laboratories with speakers in the corrupted Venezuelan right wing that aims at generating scenarios of violence as a pretext for a foreign intervention in the Homeland of Bolivar.

Also, the Bolivarian Government rejects the Pharisee attitude of those historical enemies of Hugo Chavez. They have always lavished hatred to him, insults and despise and they try now to use his health situation as an excuse to destabilize the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Fortunately, with commander Chavez the people woke up and those sectors of the corrupted right wing will never come back.

At this time unity and discipline are the bases for guaranteeing the political stability of the Homeland.

Long live Chavez!

Caracas, March 4, 2013

05/03/2013 - 09:24 am