Prosecutor releases list of 56 companies investigated for currency fraud


Caracas, 07 Ago. AVN.- Venezuela's prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz, released Thursday the list of 56 companies that are facing criminal proceedings being conducted by the Prosecutor's office regarding the use of foreign currency awarded by the State.

On July 31, on her weekly radio show In Tune with the Public Ministry, Ortega said that regarding the list of companies whose managers should clarify the use of currency awarded by the State, "several were reported to the Public Prosecutor's office and were under investigation."

In Thursday show, attorney reported that there are 56 companies involved and released the list in her Twitter account @lortegadiaz.

Furthermore, Cencoex head Alejandro Fleming has said that he works jointly with the Attorney to make sure that the laws are fully and properly enforced on those who make irregular use of foreign exchange.

"We have a responsibility and obligation to ensure that law is fully applied to those who made inconsistent use of currency," he said.

Among the investigated companies are distributors, traders and importers, some of the food sector. Listed companies are identified by name and Tax Information Registry (RIF).

Cencoex is currently evaluating other companies to check the correct usage of foreign currency awarded by the State in a process of verification of documents which will run until October 30.

This investigation process to companies that import goods was ordered by the President Nicolas Maduro, who appointed a special commission to investigate the use of currency issued by the former Commission on Administration of Foreign Exchange (Cadivi) in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

07/08/2014 - 12:49 pm