"December 8: day of loyalty and love for Hugo Chavez"


Caracas, 23 Oct. AVN.- Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday that December 8 is the day of loyalty and love for Hugo Chavez.

"December 8 will be from now on, a day of loyalty and love for Hugo Chavez, because that day he came to say goodbye to his people, even with his ailment he came with much serenity and strength to say goodbye to his homeland," Maduro said from Maturin, Monagas State, where he conducts a new round of the second phase of the Street Government.

He stressed that "the Venezuelan people can not betray the memory, legacy and dreams of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution. We can not betray the history and roots. Chavez showed his courage that day."

In this regard, he called on those who have dedicated themselves to divide the popular forces for circumstantial differences related to candidates for the upcoming elections of December 8.

"I call patriots living in Maturin to stand united in the battle. Bolivarian Revolution is giving everything for the future and stability of the country. No one should help to divide the revolutionary force. Let's come together to overcome the differences to write the history books," he said.

He stressed that the National Executive has clear tasks to continue to consolidate the Bolivarian Revolution, which seeks to boost economic development and create a new social ethics in its new phase.

"The only enemies of the country are the 'evil trilogy' (Henrique Capriles, Leopoldo Lopez and Maria Corina Machado), who have been commissioned to sabotage electricity, food and unleash an economic war. May the Venezuelan people know and recognize that they are the ones sabotaging the peace of Venezuela," he said.

Maduro urged the people to continue working to combat the destabilizing plans by the Venezuelan right. "We continue along the path of the battle of ideas, values, constitutional battle and the truth."

23/10/2013 - 12:43 pm