Subversive plan “The Exit” released in the US months before its application


Caracas, 17 Nov. AVN.- Putschist plan "The Exit" was presented by Leopoldo Lopez in the United States on 31 October 2013, at El Arepazo restaurant, Florida state, at a meeting with the subversive organization VEPPEX, or Politically Persecuted Venezuelans in Exile, reported local newspaper Ultimas Noticias in its website and posted by Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro in his Twitter account @NicolasMaduro.

The meeting was opened by Vicente Pugliese, VEPPEX director, who affirmed that laws and human rights are violated in Venezuela and that the Bolivarian Government is persecuting opponents linked to local and foreign extreme right activists.

Pugliese talks in that opportunity about a "Venezuela before and after," but his speech in the video released by the organization was cut off (minute 00:05:28). When the video restarts, someone behind the camera clearly refers to a coup d'état.

Through "The Exit" or "Solution," subversive groups used violence and terrorism to cause unrest in the country, resulting in 43 deaths, attempts against the life of children and workers, as well as hindered the right of free passage with mortal devices such as wires in major roads.

The plan was carried out between February and June 2014 simultaneously with an economic war characterized by smuggling, hoarding and overpricing of staple goods, with the open target of overthrowing the Nicolas Maduro Administration.

Though the Administration was elected democratically, Lopez affirms in the meeting that "on April 14 (2013), Nicolas Maduro stole the elections; on April 14, Nicolas Maduro, in connivance with the CNE (National Electoral Council) and TSJ (Supreme Tribunal of Justice), stole the elections."

Basing on his own statement, Lopez said there is not democracy in Venezuela so opponents should not act democratically to get rid of the Maduro Administration. "We have to advance the exit of the Government... Nicolas Maduro must go out sooner than later from the Venezuelan Government. Nicolas Maduro and all those who accompany him."

"It's not the same talking about a wounded democracy, than talking about a dictatorship that is consolidating itself or an anti-democratic system that has been consolidating," said Lopez, adding that "if we know that any characteristic of a democratic system is not met, then evidently we cannot assume the behavior of a democratic system."

Moreover, Lopez detailed that "the Constitution provides five vehicles. First of them, resignation; second, recall (referendum); third, amendment; fourth, reform; fifth, Constituent Assembly. Those are the vehicles embraced in the Constitution. Now, what do they have in common? People. Having the majority of a country that wants a change."

But he then explains the strategy to be used: "In my opinion, the vehicle is secondary to the determination of reaching what we have to reach," phrase which subsequently translated into four months of violent riots aimed at achieving president Maduro's resignation.

In his speech at the meeting in Florida, US, four months before the violent events, Lopez called on voting on municipal elections expected for December 2013. Particularly, he calls on avoiding abstentions because it was fruitless in the past. "There is not doubt that we have to vote on December 8, I'm sure because we already tried the medicine of not voting and it went bad."

The extremist leader took the opportunity to award a recognition to VEPPEX president Jose Colina on behalf of his political organization Voluntad Popular, given his labor "to defend human rights, as well as his priceless support and solidarity to prisoners and politically persecuted people."

Colina is fugitive from Venezuela's justice. He was involved in the April 2002 coup d'état against president Hugo Chavez. He has been charged of placing bombs in Colombia's and Spain's consulates in Caracas in 2003, as well as a building where the President would hold dialogs with opposition groups.

Nowadays, Lopez is under arrest and facing trial, accused by the Public Ministry of fostering violence in downtown Caracas, where even the office of the Prosecutor was attacked.

Simultaneously to "The Exit," intelligence corps found out a plan devised within right-wing leaders to attempt against Lopez, situation that made him surrender to the Public Ministry.

17/11/2014 - 10:46 am