UNASUR supports Venezuela's electoral system


Caracas, 28 Mar. AVN.- Chief of the accompaniment mission of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), Carlos Alvarez said Wednesday that Venezuela counts on a reliable and transparent electoral system and it "gives plenty of confidence to us to head a mission in this country."

Alvarez said Venezuela's election infrastructure passes the tests of all critics and questions, which translates "in a great strength" for the political and electoral process in this country, reported Prensa Latina.

Accompanying Venezuela's presidential elections next April 14 is the third opportunity for the UNASUR Electoral Council in Latin American elections, being the first in Venezuela last October and then in Ecuador last month of February.

On 7 October 2012, Alvarez recalled, there was high people's participation in Venezuela's presidential elections, even though voting is not compulsory. In that process, Hugo Chavez won with 55.07 per cent of the ballots; it is to say, 8,191,132 votes.

Also secretary of the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI), Alvarez added that next April 14 he will chair "a neutral mission, which allows UNASUR to gather information, knowledge and experience to have a stronger Electoral Council."

It will also allow Latin America "to break all kind of ward, as it is doing it in economic, political" matters with organizations tied to its electoral processes.

"As UNASUR has an Electoral Council fully joined to regional tasks, the self-determination of its electoral processes will be every time more guaranteed in the region," said Alvarez.

In addition, Alvarez said that with this progress in Latin America, it will not need the supervision of the so-called developed nations. "Less and less countries request for international observation of the developed world."

Latin America, he said, "has eliminated electoral fraud and the military coup d'État, which used to be two tools for the Right to prevent popular processes."

Concerning the physical disappearance of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez, he said that it "obviously left a very big emptiness, as in Venezuela as in Latin America, as in the rest of the world."

UNASUR accompaniment mission will be also made by Wilfredo Penco, vice-president of Uruguay's Electoral Court.

28/03/2013 - 12:26 pm