Venezuela is obliged to be nation of giants, Chavez says

Caracas, 06 Abr. AVN.- President Hugo Chavez expressed Thursday that all Venezuelans shall fight for being greater and greater everyday, "we are obliged to be giants, a nation of giants in this new independence we are struggling for, not only in our land but in our homeland, because we would be egotistical if we think only in Venezuela."

In a thanksgiving mass in his home town of Barinas and accompanied by his mother Elena Frias, his father Hugo de Los Reyes Chavez, as well as sons, brothers and other relatives and friends, President Chavez called on people to remind that that they have within them the seed of great heroes who, as giants, freed the homeland and several countries of the region.

"Let's not forget that we are children of giants. Never forget that, let's never forget that and let's teach it to those little people who are growing, who are coming to life."

Furthermore, the President underscored that "this is a world that claims times of giants, hearts of giants, ideas of giants, love of giants, effort of giants to save the world."

That strength the fathers and mothers of the Homeland had, Chavez said, is the same all Venezuelans shall have to "face the kingdom of man, of humans, of that Jesus of Nazareth who came over 2,000 years ago. But, unfortunately, we have separated from that world and it is good to remember it in these holy days."

In this connection, he said that all his will and determination are focused on moving forward to fully recover his health.

President Chavez said he has assumed his recovery process with plenty of faith, that he is "hopeful, with his willpower to defeat once and for all, as many people have done, this threat, with the help of God, medical science and people's love, your love, father, mother, the love of children of oneself, which is inside here."

Besides, he urged to talk about life all the time, no matter how hard circumstances are, "one has to talk about desires to live. There are many reasons to live, to continue living, to continue being a living creature in the future."

06/04/2012 - 12:09 pm