Venezuela to take legal actions against El Pais

Caracas, 25 Ene. AVN.- The Bolivarian Government rejected an international campaign undertaken against Venezuela by media corporations, evidenced once again in a front page picture released by Spanish newspaper El Pais falsely attributed to President Hugo Chavez.

A statement read by Communication and Information minister Ernesto Villegas reported that the Venezuelan Government will take legal actions against this offense, emphasizing the arrogance of the media company, which did not apologize President Chavez neither the Venezuelan people.

Following, the complete text of the communique:


The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela strongly rejects the publication at the front page of Spanish newspaper El Pais of an outlandish picture falsely attributed to our President Hugo Chavez.

This bold action, which will go down in history as a shameful page of global journalism, is earmarked in a systematic offensive of the transnational media power against the Bolivarian Revolution and Commander Chavez, campaign that uses as spearhead the Spanish hegemonic press, particularly newspapers El Pais and ABC.

The publication of a picture of an intubated patient in a hospital bed, taken from a video made in 2008, to relate it to president Chavez not only violated all ethical norms of journalism, but also the style guide itself of the mentioned newspaper, as well as basic rights inherent to patients and human beings.

The Venezuelan Government will take the corresponding legal action before the offense, which is not compensated with the poor apology offered by the mass media company to its readers. In their arrogance, they did not even extend it to president Chavez, his family neither the Venezuelan people, as they have neither apologized for their shameless support to the coup d'État staged on April 11, 2002.

This bizarre episode should be a lesson for the sensationalist media in the entire world, particularly in Venezuela, which have incessantly repeated the lies of the international press mob. It is lamentable that El Pais has fell to the mud of ABC.

Caracas, January 24, 2013

25/01/2013 - 09:19 am