Govt. assesses to implement changes in complementary foreign exchange scheme

Venezuela's Vice President for Economic Area, Miguel Perez Abad said that the Government is evaluating to implement changes in the complementary foreign (DICOM) –in force since early March– that fluctuates according to the country's economic dynamic.

Bolivarian Revolution encourages women to take a proactive role in building new production scheme

The leading role of women, highly appreciated by the Bolivarian Revolution for 17 years, will be a key element for the construction of a new productive economic model in Venezuela, a contrast to the oil scheme inherited from the Fourth Republic.

Venezuela resists and will overcome, says Venezuela's ambassador to Cuba

Amid the economic situation facing the country, the consciousness of the Venezuelan people is so great that has allowed to resist provocations of all kinds that are focused specifically on two directions: the international offensive led by the US government, and the domestic offensive, said...

Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago boost energy cooperation

In order to boost energy cooperation and mutual investments, Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago signed on Monday an agreement that will enable to develop gas fields that both countries share.

Venezuelan women take streets of Caracas to defend nation's peace

In a move to reaffirm the pacifist nature of Venezuela, revolutionary women march Tuesday in Caracas to the presidential palace of Miraflores in order to support the measures taken by President Nicolas Maduro against the systematic attacks that political, media and diplomatic sectors have...

Venezuela, Jamaica strengthened cooperation ties in trade, energy and culture

Jamaica's prime minister Andrew Michael Holness said on Sunday that Venezuela and his country strengthened cooperation ties in trade, energy and culture during visit of Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro to the island on Sunday.

We will build a new food distribution system, Vice president says

Local Committees of Supply and Production or CLAP are fundamental for the consolidation of a new system of food distribution, which in no way replaces the traditional scheme, but allows to guarantee Venezuelan citizens the right to food, said Monday Venezuela's Vice President Aristobulo Isturiz.

Economic Emergency Decree shields social rights of Venezuelans

The economic emergency decree, which entered into force on Monday and will remain for a period of 60 days, aims to guarantee social rights for the Venezuelan people facing a difficult economic situation currently plaguing the country, as a result of an unconventional war orchestrated by right...

Venezuela created more than 620,000 jobs over last three years

In the last three years, Venezuela has created 620,392 new jobs, despite the economic war waged by political and business sectors of the right against the Venezuelan people, Vice President of Planning and Knowledge, Ricardo Menendez said.

Diosdado Cabello: Right uses referendum as a way to execute a coup

The right uses the constitutional concept of the referendum to conceal its true purpose of executing a coup against Venezuela's legitimate president Nicolas Maduro, denounced Sunday the deputy of the Bloc of the Homeland to the National Assembly (AN), Diosdado Cabello.
Lunes 30/05

Desde Falcón se encienden los motores para la conexión marítima con Aruba y Curacao

El propósito de diversificar la economía venezolana e instaurar un nuevo modelo de sustentabilidad, que supere el rentismo petrolero mediante un potente tráfico de recursos económicos para habilitar todo el aparato productivo del país, está anclado en uno de los motores más provechosos