UNDP: Venezuela has a high Human Development Index

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) released Tuesday the latest Human Development report ranking Venezuela as one of the countries with a high Human Development Index (HDI).

Protecting working class has marked the Bolivarian Revolution policy

Since 1999, the Bolivarian Revolution has developed a comprehensive protection policy for the working class, which includes the adoption of laws that claim social and labor rights.

Venezuela rejects OAS' Almagro interference campaign

The Permanent Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the OAS rejects the campaign of aggression conducted by the secretary general of this organization, Luis Almagro, against the sovereignty of the South American country.

Venezuela advocates historic struggle for abolition of slavery

The President of the National History Center, Pedro Calzadilla, said Tuesday that the historic struggle for the abolition of slavery in our country has been recognized and vindicated only by the Bolivarian Revolution in the last 18 years.

Venezuela became beacon of ensuring, respecting and protecting human rights

Venezuela and its government, based on solid grounds of respect for human rights, has become a target because it is a beacon to the world of respecting and protecting rights inherent to all human beings, without distinction, stressed Venezuela's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Delcy Rodriguez...

Social movements start online petition against OAS' Almagro interference

Social movements have launched an online petition in which Venezuelans and other citizens of the world can sign this initiative to reject the actions of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, against the Bolivarian nation.

Venezuela appoints team to help rain victims in Peru

Venezuela is preparing a multidisciplinary technical team to support the victims of the rains in Peru, said Saturday President Nicolas Maduro, adding that they are just waiting for the government of that country to approve the assistance of the national technicians.

Venezuela to defend regional unity and integration at Mercosur meeting

Mercosur regional trading bloc member states will hold a new meeting, on 25 April, in accordance with the Olivos Protocol, the bloc's mechanism which defines clear parameters for resolving disputes between members.

Expo Venezuela Power to show progress of Bolivarian Economic Agenda

The Expo Venezuela Power 2017 will show the progress of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, driven by the national government as a mechanism to build a new economic scheme that will overcome oil rentier model and meet the real needs of the Venezuelan people, said the Minister of Economy and Finance...
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