Activated air defense plan against terrorist and subversive attack

The Venezuelan government denounced and condemned an air attack against the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior and Justice and the Supreme Court of Justice on Tuesday.

Attacks against government buildings are part of opposition coup plot

The Government of Venezuela denounced Tuesday that the terrorist attacks against the buildings of the Ministry for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace and the Supreme Court of Justice, are part of a coup plot of opposition extremist sectors, with the backing of the United States government.

Constituent assembly to begin new phase of deep and democratic changes

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday that the National Constituent Assembly (ANC, Spanish acronym) will begin a new phase of deep and democratic changes for the country.

Constituent Assembly is the path for unity and peace, Maduro said

The National Constituent Assembly (ANC, Spanish acronym), whose members will be elected next July 30, is the opportunity for unity and peace of the country, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro stressed Monday.

Venezuela's Commission for justice and truth to deliver report to Constituent Assembly

Venezuela's Commission for Justice and Truth is compiling cases of crimes against Venezuelans from 1999 to the present with the aim of delivering a report to the National Constituent Assembly (ANC, Spanish acronym), said Delcy Rodriguez, who is a candidate for this popular process.

Army reaffirmed loyal spirit confronting a coup conspiracy

Venezuela's opposition sectors –allied with foreign agents and US imperialist forces– aimed to materialize on June 24 a coup against the Bolivarian government, said President Nicolas Maduro Sunday, stressing that it was defeated through the reaffirmation of the loyal, Bolivarian and revolutionary...

Maduro: The Revolution's strategy is to protect people and their rights

The Bolivarian Revolution, which emerged in 1999 on the initiative of Commander Hugo Chavez, has as its main strategy to protect the people and defend their rights, said Sunday President Nicolas Maduro.

Hate crimes for political reasons are on the rise, Ombudsman said

"Hate crimes, like lynchings, motivated by political reasons are dangerously on the rise with impunity in the country", Venezuela's ombudsman, Tarek William Saab denounced Sunday.

Venezuela hinders US interventionist attempts in UN Human Rights Council

The Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations, Jorge Valero, dismantled Thursday the interventionist attempts of the United States government, which sought to promote a statement against the South American nation at the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Political and social dialogue points Venezuela's way to peace

The political dialogue, necessary with opposition sectors, focused the call made on Thursday by Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, to join efforts in favor of peace. Besides, the Venezuelan government reiterated their willingness to work in finding joint solutions to address national issues.
Miércoles 28/06

Comunicadores llaman a ejercer un periodismo en tributo a la transformación social

Este 27 de junio los periodistas celebran su día enalteciendo los principios éticos y morales al servicio del pueblo, por encima de cualquier interés particular o corporativo