Seventy five per cent of the population feels hope and 82 per cent is optimistically expecting that the country will reach economic stability, according to a survey...
Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro called Sunday on the whole population to join the national plan against dengue fever and chikungunya.
Heeding President Nicolas Maduro's call, the Venezuelan people joined Sunday the National Plan of Dengue and Chikungunya prevention.
On August 9, 2009 President Hugo Chavez launched New Neighborhood, Tricolor Neighborhood Mission, during talk show Alo, Presidente number 336, made from Fuerte Tiuna military fort in Caracas, in order to transform habitat of Venezuelan communities and improve living conditions.
Venezuelan foreign minister Rafael Ramirez met last Saturday with his Russian counterpart, Serguei Lavrov, to discuss agreements endorsed by the two nations in economic and commercial matters, read a press release of the chancery.
Minister for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, Miguel Rodriguez Torres said that he was sure that all Venezuelan right was aware of Lorent Gomez Saleh's terrorist plans, recently revealed by the Government and questioned why opposition politicians have not rejected these criminal intentions.
Venezuelan athlete Antonio Diaz won a gold medal in kata individual male at the 2014 German Open Karate 1 Premier League in the town of Hanau.