Venezuela reaches goal of delivering 1.4 million housing units

Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro announced on Thursday the Great Housing Mission Venezuela (GMVV, Spanish acronym) reached the goal of delivering 1,400,000 homes throughout the country.

Housing Mission: The conquest of people to have a decent home

Since April 2011, the Great Housing Mission Venezuela (GMVV, Spanish acronym) has changed the lives of almost 1,4 million families, who have claimed their right to a decent, safe and comfortable home that gives them the opportunity to access essential basic services and a more humane habitat.

Venezuela bets on social protection and new productive model in 2017

Social protection and the development of a new productive economic model are the pillars for the new revolutionary counter-offensive stage, within the framework of the 2017-2018 Carabobo Agenda, President Nicolas Maduro said on Wednesday.

20 new exchange houses to be installed on Colombian-Venezuelan border

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro announced Wednesday that 20 new exchange houses will be set up on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, in order to promote healthy trade and build a new border of peace.

Constitution is more powerful than contempt of Parliament, Maduro says

Venezuela and its Constitution are more powerful than the contempt of the National Assembly (AN, Spanish acronym), to consolidate peace and stability of the country, said President Nicolas Maduro, in his first press conference of the year before national and international media.

Venezuela, Jamaica agree to increase crude-processing capacity at Kingston refinery

Venezuela and Jamaica agreed on Tuesday a new work program to increase crude oil processing capacity from 35,000 to 50,000 barrels per day (bpd) at Kingston Refinery, a project underway by the joint venture Petrocaribe Jamaica Limited, made up of Venezuela's oil company PDVSA and the Petroleum...

NAM rejects renewal of Obama's decree against Venezuela

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) rejected Tuesday the renewal of the executive order violating international law signed by U.S. President Barack Obama against Venezuela, declaring this South American nation an "unusual and extraordinary threat to the security" of the American country.

Maduro stresses need for summit to maintain oil market stability

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro stressed Monday the need to convene a meeting of members and non-members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to stabilize crude oil prices.

Venezuela ratifies willingness to build respectful relationships with U.S.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro reaffirmed on Monday his commitment to build relationships based on mutual respect with the new U.S. administration, to begin next January 20 with the inauguration of Donald Trump as new president of the United States.
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30 años de Irán-Contra, el escándalo que reveló la trama guerrerista de EEUU

El 3 de noviembre de 1986 el periódico libanés Ash-Shiraa reveló uno de los mayores escándalos de la historia de Estados Unidos, llamado Irán-Contra, destapando así la trama guerrerista e intervencionista estadounidense