Right-wing media seeks to undermine confidence in Chavez

Caracas, 22 Feb. AVN.- A media operation to discredit the confidence and faith the people have in Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is the plan behind a series of rumors spread over his health, denounced Communication and Information Minister Andres Izarra.

Minister Izarra explained Wednesday that such operation is boosted by right-wing media outlets which also supported the campaign of Henrique Capriles to win the primary elections of the opposition.

"In Venezuela, there is a very bug media operation. We already saw how they created this candidate of the bourgeoisie, who is presented as progressive and the role played by the media to build that candidate," he said.

Advisors of the Venezuelan opposition devote exclusively to the issue of rumors, he said. "They are experts on spreading doubts, conspiring, creating destabilization and anguish, since they have operated in they country in other opportunities and they have been defeated."

"They have been inventing things about Chavez for months. Those are the right-wing media outlets which have operators and they are aligned with the imperialism and use the communication to reach political ends," Izarra said in an interview in local television.

The Communication and Information Minister remarked the responsibility which characterizes the Venezuelan President in hard moments.

"When crucial moments have taken place, as on February 4th 1992 (military uprising), the Head of State himself appeared to face the country," he reminded.

The dimension of the Hugo Chavez's leadership has a special bond with the people and it also goes beyond Venezuela to embrace other countries, the Minister said.

Campaign against Chavez's candidacy

Minister Andres Izarra expressed that the wave of rumors over the health of President Hugo Chavez aims at hindering his candidacy for the elections on October.

"They are trying to break the confidence and the possibility that Chavez may be a (presidential) candidate and beat them again as it seem it will occur," Izarra added.

He said the opposition fears the high level of popularity President Chavez has among the Venezuelan population.

"They are looking for any opportunity to try to undermine that confidence, that strength in the President's popularity and the echo of that leadership over the whole population... There are advisors devoted to the issue of rumors," denounced Izarra.

About the matter, he mentioned the case of CNN en Español, which according to him devotes to tell lies. So, the opposition found in this television channel "a mean to boost political campaigns, their goal is to attack the Bolivarian Revolution and particularly to attack President Chavez."


The Venezuelan Communication and Information Minister called to strengthen the awareness, "not to be influenced by those rumors" and he said this is a moment to strengthen unity, "so that everything we have achieved may have a future."

"Facing the media, psychological, political operation under way represents a challenge for the National System of Media Outlets (SNMP, Spanish abbreviation) and remaining patriots. But beyond that, we have the issue of confidence and how to strengthen it. Confidence on what the Government is doing to continue boosting what it has achieved in 13 years, as well as political coordination," Minister Izarra added.

22/02/2012 - 11:21 am