No mistakes found in vote audit


Caracas, 17 May. AVN.- No mistakes were found on Venezuela's April 14 presidential elections during an audit to a sample reviewed for ten days, amidst the first phase of extended citizens' verification, informed vice-president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Sandra Oblitas.

At a press conference to report about the phase, Oblitas explained that 3,505 polling sites were checked in the process. Technicians counted one by one paper receipts of each polling site and compared them with the machine totals.

That comparison resulted in 99.98 percent of matching; the remaining 0.02 percent owes to failures justified in one or two receipts at some stations.

In some cases, paper receipts may have been broken or swollen by a voter, which was officially written down on the incident reporting form. Auditors check the incident reporting form in the face of possible inconsistencies.

Mrs Oblitas explained that all inconsistencies must be reported on that form and duly justified. In case they have not been registered, technicians check poll books to confirm the number of voters who should had participated and compare the data with tally sheets.

Thus, "the information remains as zero mistakes" Oblitas stated during the press conference held last Thursday afternoon in Caracas.

Audited 75% of stations

CNE vice-president Sandra Oblitas informed that the percentage of audited voting stations adds up to 75 percent. 54 percent had already been audited on the election day, as it is regulated on electoral laws. That same day, poll watchers and officials had the initiative to verify another 12.13 percent of the result.

Then, on April 18, it was audited 0.5 percent and following the first ten days of the extended audit, it has been verified 9 percent. It adds up to a total 75 percent.

For the second phase of the audit, which starts on Friday May 17, it has been selected a random sample of about 700 and 800 voting sites. 350 sites will be audited per day out of that amount.


The National Electoral Council has received several requests on behalf of professional groups and organized communities interested on observing the process, Sandra Oblitas informed.

So far, there have participated ten organizations, for a total 88 people who have witnessed the verification process. Also, there have taken part about 143 political parties technicians.

As a matter of fact, spokesperson of women's association Frente Amplio de Mujeres, Juana Delgado, commented on Thursday that "this is a unique experience. Everything is evident, nothing may be hidden. We could see all boxes opening and not a single mistake."

17/05/2013 - 09:50 am