Maduro reiterates call for dialogue and peace


Caracas, 21 Abr. AVN.- Venezuela's president, Nicolas Maduro, said Thursday that one of the main challenges for the country is to engage in a dialogue and care for peace in accordance with the further development of the country.

"Dialogue is the only way, through discussion, to build peace, respect and disarm hate," he said in a nationwide radio and television address in Caracas.

"We must win peace, care for peace, love peace, value peace. Only with peace can we build good things, great things. Peace is the most important thing for us," the president said, recalling his new invitation to opposition to join talks to build a peaceful and democratic agenda, outside the coup plan they promote with violent street actions.

In this regard, he said that an opposition sector expressed their willingness to engage in dialogue through messages sent by dignitaries, former presidents and figures from the world of politics.

"I accept the messages sent to me by dignitaries, former presidents and personalities. I received all of them, I hope they (opposition) have the courage to take this step and very soon we will sit down at a dialogue table to tell us the truths and seek ways of peace for the peace of Venezuela," he said.

Peace with justice

The President stated that in order to build peace there must be justice and the violent ones should be isolated.

He added he would sue several right-wing spokesmen, including Miranda state governor Henrique Capriles, for raising false accusations against the national government and state institutions.

He pointed out that Capriles, without any evidence, accused the National Government and state security forces of the violent acts committed by right-wing rioters that left three people dead this week.

"They fill people with hate, they order them to kill and then they blame honorable people of our Armed Forces," he said.

On the other hand, he stated he will request an investigation of Movistar cell phone company's alleged involvement in the coup actions promoted by the local right.

"The company Movistar of Venezuela, I denounce it and I have asked for an investigation, because it joined the coup call against the country and that is not their duty. Movistar company must know this. I have requested an investigation to clarify the facts," Maduro said detailing that the cell phone company sent millions of messages to users to take part in the coup plot.

Actions for Peace

Faced with the constant calls of violence by the right, President Maduro announced in the next few days he will convene a meeting with all delegates of the Bolivarian Revolution's political command, to present a proposal with new constitutional strategies to add new triumphs to the Bolivarian Revolution.

The main objective is to "open the doors to a new stage of 20 years of revolutionary triumphs through the popular constituent via, through the socialist popular power," said the socialist leader, explaining that his proposal is based on the document entitled Political Analysis of the Current Situation and Proposals for Actions for the Current Situation.

This text, according to Maduro, was prepared by Commander Hugo Chavez and presented to the National Directorate of the Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement 200 (MBR-200) during the extraordinary national assembly of the movement held on April 19, 1997, when they chose the electoral route to make the revolution.

"This is an extraordinary document, which promoted the popular constituent power," he said and noted that the new constitutional strategy –to be released in the coming days– will be based on this constituent power.

"We are men of ideas, of values, with a strategic thinking, with a great love for our country," he said.

21/04/2017 - 12:08 pm