Strengthening mechanisms for common welfare is one of the aims of Constituent Assembly


Caracas, 14 Jul. AVN.- The creation of mechanisms to strengthen the model of common welfare, by improving the system of missions and great missions, is one of the aims of the National Constituent Assembly, said Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro Thursday.

At a graduation ceremony of more than 34 thousand students from missions Ribas, Sucre and Simon Rodriguez Micromision, he said the constituent assembly will allow to devise actions and mechanisms that will allow the Venezuelan people to develop in areas like knowledge and research, health and housing.

These actions will be combined with new mechanisms such as the Somos Venezuela Movement, which in almost a month has visited 2,145,000 homes. With this, the conditions of more than 5 million people who registered in the Homeland Card, were verified in order to determine their real needs.

"Let's not settle for the minimum, minimalism is the worst thing that can happen to us. You go with the Homeland Card from today, to look for all the Venezuelans who need to complete high school, to look for them to their homes, to include them into study sites, to multiply the Mission Ribas to keep it alive and make it a productive Mission Ribas," he urged.

In defense of health

The strengthening of the social protection system also includes health services. In that sense, Maduro proposed to create the Constitutional Law of the Barrio Adentro Health System and the Constitutional Law of the Integral Health System.

These new constitutional laws will be enacted through the National Constituent Assembly "above the organic laws, with the highest rank, to protect solidarity, primary and family health", to protect it from "the clutches of the oligarchy that privatizes everything and is not in the slightest bit interested the welfare of people."

In the construction of a new health model, the National Surgical Plan has made 61,430 surgeries throughout the country. In the next days, 58 more operating rooms will be included into the public health network, to continue to increase patients attended by this national plan.

Maduro also reported that one million vulnerable families, addressed by the Great Mission Homes of the Homeland, will receive a monthly allowance of 100,000 bolivars from July.

Towards the 1.7 millionth housing unit

President also said that the 1.7 millionth housing unit will be delivered this July by the Great Housing Mission Venezuela, a social policy created six years ago. He further said the Homeland Card will now be used to allocate housing units.

"All the houses we are delivering, from the 1.7 millionth to the 3 millionth housing unit will be directly delivered through the Homeland Card, without managers or intermediaries. From the Homeland Card directly to housing," he stressed.

He stressed that despite economic sabotage and low oil prices, GMVV has not stopped building more homes for Venezuelans, demonstrating the commitment of the Bolivarian Government to meet the needs of the population.

"That the economic war did not leave me, that oil fell from $100 to $20, Could I not have been able to use those excuses?, but for us the chavistas the excuses are prohibited, when we assume a goal, we have to fulfill it and whether it comes rain or shine, we will reach the 3 millionth house by 2019."

14/07/2017 - 02:07 pm