MUD plebiscite features lack of transparency and coercive mechanisms


Caracas, 14 Jul. AVN.- Without methods to avoid double participation, dualities in protecting the data of those who go to vote and signing an act to commit their supporters to the insurrectional agenda launched last April, the opposition coalition MUD will hold a plebiscite next Sunday intended to start a new phase of their plan against the structures of the State.

Those who participate in the activity will sign at the end of the consultation an "act of compromise", with which they agree to be jointly responsible for actions to disobey the Public Powers, allegedly covered by articles 333 and 350 of Venezuela's Constitution.

Although the opposition coalition insists it will protect the data of each citizen, the MUD will take the document "as a sign that he or she was a participant of this act of rebellion," said opposition leader Stalin Gonzalez.

In an interview with state media, he said this plebiscite "gives the Venezuelan people the legitimacy of continuing to protest", in reference to Zero Hour, a new phase of subversive actions within the seditious plan developed by the opposition coalition, which has left in three months more than 90 dead and more than 1500 wounded.

The opposition leader acknowledged they do not have conditions to avoid double participation, although the first bulletin they will issue will focus precisely on the number of people who attended and, later on, a cross-check will be made to identify those who participated more than once.

This plebiscite will take place at just over 2,000 points –equivalent to 14% of the CNE's capacity, which has more than 14,000 polling stations– without mechanisms to validate the identity of the participant, who can vote anywhere.

The reliability of the process is only guaranteed by "the honesty of the people", according to Gonzalez; five rectors of universities who have openly expressed their opposition and the burning of the voting books, although the manual data of the consultation will be digitized.

Sunday's proselytizing activity is preceded by an election campaign run by its own organizer, the MUD, which calls on its supporters to support attacks against the National Constituent Assembly, calls on the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to ignore the state and to make general elections, does not exist in the current Constitution.

14/07/2017 - 05:15 pm