Venezuelans take part in dry run vote ahead of constituent assembly


Caracas, 16 Jul. AVN.- Venezuelans eligible for voting in the elections to choose members of the Constituent Assembly on July 30, take part in a dry run vote led by the National Electoral Council (CNE, Spanish acronym) this Sunday to refine logistical details and enable citizens to become familiar with the voting process.

In the case of the Capital District, 22 centers –opened from 8:00 am– have witnessed high participation from Venezuelans, particularly at three high schools (Andres Bello, Fermin Toro and Pedro Emilio Coll) and the Bolivarian University of Venezuela.

In Los Teques, Carrizal and Rio Chico, in Miranda state, voters participate in the activity, designed to explain how they will vote in two weeks to choose 537 of the 545 constituent members.

There is also a presence of voters in central state of Aragua. Carmen Andrade, a local resident waiting in line at a polling station, stressed the importance of participating in this constituent exercise.

"From early morning, I came to the electoral center I was appointed. As Venezuelans, we must exercise our right to vote and show the participatory democracy that we live in our country," she said.

West region

In Trujillo state, 24 centers were opened. Two of them are pilots: the Eloisa Fonseca school, at the Valera municipality, and the Carrillo Guerra school, in the Trujillo municipality.

"The process was initiated with full normality. The centers were opened at eight o'clock in the morning pending the participation of voters," said Engelbert Perdomo, local coordinator of the National Electoral Council (CNE).

With respect to Zulia state, 135 voting tables arranged in 39 centers receive voters who want to know how they will vote in two weeks.

Liuba Martinez, 65, said that from early in the morning she arrived at a polling center in Maracaibo city to learn how the machines work and see who the candidates are, in order to defend the Bolivarian Constitution.

The electoral dry run also develops normally in the Lara state, where 18 centers were activated.

At the Libertador primary school, in the Iribarren municipality (Barquisimeto), voters began to practice how they will vote on July 30, as well as at the polling center of the Manuel Antonio Carreño Educational Unit, located in the Municipality Andres Eloy Blanco (Sanare).

Voters from the East

In Anzoategui state, a total of 27 voting centers were activated this Sunday. One of them is the elementary school Antonio Jose Sotillo, from the municipality Juan Antonio Sotillo.

Aliria Pino, who is the head of the battle units Bolivar-Chavez (or UBCh) –PSUV's grassroots cadres–, stressed this test will serve as an exercise to fully understand the process.

"It's easy and simple. On this day people can lose their fear of the machine and know where the candidate of their choice is located, among other factors," she said.

16/07/2017 - 11:46 am