Venezuela resurrected on February 4, 1992, to live as a Socialist Homeland

Caracas, 05 Febr. AVN .- After the civic-military rebellion of February 4, 1992, led by the current President Hugo Chavez, a storm of social movements and structural changes have taken place to resurrect Venezuela and give it back its free and sovereign Homeland nature.

The heroic soldiers of the Armed Forces went out to the streets to restore, through a vanguard rebellion, the power that was seized by the then ruling class, represented by the right-wing, explained Venezuela"s Hugo Chavez.

“As Simon Bolivar said: Venezuela was born in a bivouac; that is to say, Venezuela was born among soldiers. Nineteen years ago Venezuela was dying, but we can say today that on February 4 it resurrected, it was brought back to life among soldiers and will stay alive in the barracks and streets,” Chavez said.

Likewise, the Head of State underscored that the military men that took part in that Bolivarian movement are the soldiers of Venezuela"s Independence, acting in accordance to the independence causes led by our Homeland heroes, Simon Bolivar and Francisco de Miranda.

The Armed Forces and the people at the battle front

President Chavez also expressed that 19 years after that rebellion, the military of the Armed Forces and the people are still in the battle front to fight for the Liberator Simon Bolivar"s Homeland.

During the celebration, the President granted decorations to the military people for their valuable contribution to the sovereign Homeland, participating in that rebellion that changed Venezuelan history and paved the way for the beginning of a socialist model.

February 4 soldiers are independence soldiers

President Chavez labeled the military people participating in the rebellion of February 4, 1992, as the heirs of Venezuela"s independence.

“We are the heirs of the soldiers of independence, because we are the same army put together by (Francisco de) Miranda 200 years ago, the one put together by (Simon) Bolivar). We are the same army, the same homeland, the same people. We should be aware of it,” Chavez emphasized.

He added that “it was a real vanguard the one that resurrected on February 4 (1992).”

“We need to reunite for the victory. It does not matter the differences we could have, the approaches are not relevant. We want ourselves to be different, we need to be different, but with one single cause: the Bolivarian Revolution, the Bolivarian project is what join us together. The fate is not other than the free, Boivarian and socialist homeland,” he said.

President Chavez pointed out that February 4, 1992, divided the history of the country in a before and an after, “a before of misery, injustice and poverty; and an after, which is now, of social vindications, humanism and dignity.”

05/02/2011 - 11:55 am