Humala's victory: Peruvians' response to impoverishing neoliberalism

Caracas, 06 Jun. AVN .- The president of the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino) Chapter Venezuela Rodrigo Cabezas welcomed the victory of Ollanta Humala in the presidential elections held on Sunday in Peru and considers the victory as “a reaffirmation of the change of era in Latin America. The reaction of the peoples against the impoverishing neoliberalism and the emerging of governments committed to the fight against social injustices.”

According to the parliamentarian, the commitment of Humala to maintain Peru"s economic growth, but with social inclusion has as its main goal to end with the neoliberal concept of “macroeconomic balance”, which has resulted in about 12 million Peruvians living in poverty.

“Peru became the best example to prove that a free market economy con not solve on its own equity and wealth distribution problems,” he underscored.

In addition, he noted the announcement made by the President-elect of working for the integration of Peru to Latin America.

“We welcome that legitimate victory of the Peruvian people or the progressive left-wing of that country, who achieved to successfully overcome a terrible fascist and anti-communist campaign spread by some media, oligarchy sectors and the elite of the Catholic Church. We expect the new Government to strengthen democracy by caring justice and equity demands from Peruvians,” Cabezas said, as quoted by a press release from Parlatino"s press office.

Despite the Peruvian electoral body (ONPE) has not finished yet counting all the votes, the number of votes counted so far are mathematically enough to assure the victory of Humala over the neoliberal Keiko Fujimori.

So far, with over 90% of the votes counted, Humala has obtained 52% of them.

06/06/2011 - 01:33 pm