New social programs may reduce extreme poverty to 3.5%

Caracas, 17 Ene. AVN.- Social programs, called Grand Missions, launched by the Government in last months could help to cut extreme poverty in Venezuela up to 3.5%, according to estimations done by the president of the National Statistics Institute (INE), Elias Eljuri.

Achieving the goal of granting resources to the expected population through Grand Mission Love for the Elderly and Grand Mission Children of Venezuela, extreme poverty rate could fell form the current 7% (2.44 million people) to half of it.

In Eljuri's opinion, such goal is feasible taking into account that people receiving pension are old adults and mothers living in precarious situation. In addition, he recalled that in 1998 there were 5.44 million people living in such conditions.

Furthermore, he explained that such figures are obtained by measuring the incomes per capita in each family group. If incomes are below to the cost per capita of basic-food basket, then said family is considered to live in extreme poverty.

He underscored that the Grand Mission Knowledge and Work will also have direct impact in poverty rates, because by creating job posts family incomes will also rise, thus reducing extreme poverty.

The president of the INE also said that the structural extreme poverty, with a rate of 6.8%, could fell about 2 points in two or three years, depending on the intensity social programs are conducted. The Grand Housing Mission Venezuela will have a direct incidence in said rate.

17/01/2012 - 11:59 am